Three Questions to the Artist: Sara Mekki Ahmed

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Born to Sudanese parents in 1998, Sara Mekki Ahmed grew up in the small village of Oosterhout, Netherlands. Sara developed a passion for art at an early age and despite a prototypical Western upbringing, she retained strong links with, and curiosity for, the heritage of her parent’s home country. In this interview, Sara shares her thoughts on:

Her passion for art:

I have liked art for as long as I can remember, but I never really painted or drew a lot. In high school I took art classes and that’s when I really discovered my passion for art. At that time, I was making sketches a lot but after my teacher introduced me to painting, I realised that I liked it a lot better and I have stuck to that ever since.

Her connection with Sudan:

I have never lived in Sudan, but have visited the country many times with my parents. I find visiting Sudan very important since that’s where my roots really are. I feel deeply connected to the country, so I really enjoy going there. I think the situation of women in Sudan needs to significantly improve. Since I grew up in a very open-minded place, it’s very hard to see how Sudanese society restricts women’s freedoms and aspirations.

Her aspirations as an artist influenced by both the Dutch and Sudanese cultures:

I am currently studying law in the Netherlands and learning a lot about human rights. I believe that every human – men and women – should have the opportunity to cultivate their passion like I was able to do with my artwork. After completing my studies, I would like to use my knowledge to empower the women in Sudan to fulfil their dreams. The SIHA Journal, Women in Islam, is helping women become aware of their strengths, skills and rights and it is an honour for me to be part of this initiative.