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Women in islam issue 1 (2014)

Contents include:

  • Introducing Amina Wadud

  • ‘I want to be President’: an Afghan woman raises her voice

  • Muslim like my grandmother: a Sudanese role model

  • Defending my wife: one Somali man’s stand on violence against women

  • My life with and without hijab

Arabic edition: coming soon

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women in islam issue 2 (2015)

Contents include:

  • Awadiya Abbas: a Life’s Work for Women’s Economic Rights in Sudan

  • Open Letter: “I am Christian Sudanese”

  • Matriarchy and Islam? Yes: Religion and Culture in Western Sumatra

  • Unlawful Law: Sudan’s Public Order Law, dissected

  • What does Islam have to do with it? FGM in the Horn of Africa

Arabic Edition: Coming Soon


Women In Islam Issue 3 (2017)

Contents include:

  • Choosing Engagement over Retreat: Ziba Mir-Hosseini

  • Two Wives, One Man: the Struggle of being a Co-Wife

  • Conversation with Novelist Leila Aboulela

  • War and State Collapse in Somalia: Implications for Men

  • Women of Sufism: a Hidden Treasure

  • Coerced or Committed? Boko Haram’s Female Suicide Bombers

Cover Issue 4.png

Women in Islam issue 4 (2019)

Contents include:

  • Men in Charge? Rethinking Authority in Muslim Legal Tradition

  • A young Somali woman’s journey to becoming a mechanic

  • Women’s Sexuality in Islam: an unjustified taboo

  • Why do women marry into Boko Haram?

  • Cycling on the road to Equality: Women Cyclists in Sudan

  • Women and Islam in contemporary Indonesia

Arabic Edition:

Coming soon