Women in Islam
Women in Islam
Gender Equality, Progressive Voices, Muslim Societies

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Women In Islam - available in English and Arabic


praise for Women in Islam

Women in Islam is one of the very few journals that one can find with a progressive and gender-egalitarian interpretation of Islam. It combines good and sound scholarship, in both Arabic and English, with an artistic and innovative approach.

Dr. Ziba Mir-Hosseini, legal anthropologist and activist, UK

Women in Islam … has not only captured the spirit of Muslim women in the Horn of Africa, but has also shown us how we are all - men, women and children - linked in the mandate for social justice. I’m inspired by their work and look forward to many more.

Dr. Amina Wadud, Islamic scholar and co-founder of Sisters in Islam

This is an eye-opening and insightful publication that celebrates humanity as individuals and as a whole. It is enlightened in its attempts at modernisation and has charted the path of a tolerant and liberal Islam.

Amer Mohammed Ahmed, literary critic, Sudan


Call For Submissions

 Women in Islam is currently seeking submissions for Issue 5.

Original contributions may include scholarly articles, essays, opinion pieces, profiles of influential figures, interviews, poetry, personal narratives, book or film reviews, cartoons and art. Please note that we do not publish fiction or short stories.

Potential contributors should bear in mind that all submissions must be connected to the overarching theme of women and Islam and that suggested topics must therefore be analysed using a gender lens. The recommended length for articles is 1500 - 2000 words, and may be submitted in English or Arabic. 




Issues 1 and 2 of Women in Islam now available online!

Issue 1 Cover.jpg

issue one

Contents include:

  • Introducing Amina Wadud: A Woman Interpreting the Qur’an – why not?

  • We are all Malala: the dilemma of being a moderate Muslim

  • Deciding to be a stay-at-home Dad: insights about masculinity and fatherhood

  • Polygamy: when traditions and religion mingle in the Horn of Africa

  • Film Reviews: The Stoning of Soraya M. and Djamilah, the Algerian

  • Dossier: Unveiling Hijab

Issue Two

Contents include:

  • Aisha Fallatiya: Singer and Pioneer of Modernity in Sudan

  • At the Female Frontier: how messages are transmitted from mothers to daughters

  • Connecting to Islam's foremothers: Sitaad, women's traditional devotional space in Somalia

  • What does Islam have to do with it? FGM in Africa

  • Photo Story: Reclaiming Sudanese women's fashion

  • The Way Forward: words from a female Tunisian legal scholar